Our business has supported many charities and non for profit organisations over the years and we are delighted to share with you some of our nominated non for profit organisations & charities.

Often couples are already set up in their own home or wish to include as part of their wedding gift, a nominated charity of their choice. What a wonderful way to give back and share the love to either a local community organisation or a charity of your choice you hold dear to your own heart.

Consider some of our local charities and non for profit organisations here in Byron Bay, we can add a nominated amount to your wedding account to give back and share the love on your behalf, alternatively you may like to donate directly using the links below.

Here are some of our local organisations Byron Bay Luxury Weddings proudly supports.

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Future Dreamers

Future dreamers – Yes it’s a Girls Club….It is a safe, uplifting and interactive space for girls and women alike to come and just be yourselves, try out new things, build confidence, be supported and have a fabulous time in the process.

Future dreamers is a non for profit organisation set up by a team of outgoing, wonderful and resourceful women in the Bay. They have created a place where girls and women can come & go freely and learn life skills through specifically designed activities and events, some of which are on going projects and others just one - off. Some girls just want to hang out with other girls, others have had low times and difficult moments to have to get through but through creativity and connection to others they find a new path and build confidence along the way.

Any non for profit organisation that inspires, connects, challenges and celebrates women is a winner for BBLW. The organisation is partly supported by government funding but also needs donations to continue on its inspirational journey for the future. Support Future Dreamers and celebrate women.

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Liberation Larder

The Liberation Larder vision is simple and makes sense, they rescue good food that would otherwise end up in landfill and instead makes sure this food reaches people who are in need within the region. Liberation Larder assist families and individuals with either meals or fresh food parcels ensuring nothing goes to waste.

The non for profit organisation captures the imagination of people because they provide a practical solution to the problems of food waste and food insecurity. In order to continue their constant efforts and support to the community they need to raise $20K per annum to maintain service delivery around the region. Your support is greatly appreciated and all donations go directly back to ensuring that others in our community less fortunate get food delivered to them one way or another.


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NRCF - Northern Rivers Community Foundation

My first introduction to NRCF was when I was event manager for Harvest, Newrybar. I was fortunate enough to assist on a number of fundraising events for this extraordinary foundation.

NRFC is an independent philanthropic foundation dedicated to improving the lives of those most in need in our community by building funds through community events and donations from businesses and individuals. They put this money into ethical investments with help of a professional fund manager that provides its services pro bono. Only the income is used to fund community projects. In this way, donations are preserved in perpetuity and a donor’s gift continues to benefit the community year after year. The foundation gives the income received from investments to charities in our community through an annual grants program. Charities must propose how they will use the funds in order to be approved. The idea is that the money doesn’t just go to one charity but many. The foundation supports social, environmental, cultural and education needs across the Northern Rivers from Evans Head to Tweed Valley right along the coast line and throughout the western areas of the region. Supporting NRCF means that you are supporting a foundation for a lifetime; even your one off donation is received with gratitude and goes a long way.

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A Second Home

Flowers are never wasted here and much expense can go into floral designs for a wedding or special event. We give your beautiful flowers a second home to either a hospital or local nursing home and it is truly a joy to those who receive.

If you are travelling to Byron Bay from another state or country we will provide the delivery service for our BBLW clients free of charge. If you are a visitor to Byron Bay then a small cost of $30 is charged to you to collect and deliver to a local place of need. Your flowers are loved yet again and do not go wasted, what a lovely surprise and joy this is for a second time.

For all donation enquiries please contact us on the details below and share the love...

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