Celebrants & Marriage

We will assist you with finding someone that is suited to your religion or beliefs or you may be looking for a celebrant that brings romance or can make your guests laugh a little. Whoever this special person is we have a wonderful process of working on what is right for you and your family.

There is some paper work that needs to be in order for Australian couples to be married which you can download here or ask your celebrant should you have further questions. These documents must be submitted within one month and one day prior to your wedding day, these are not the vows but just the official information.

Once you have the legal information sorted with your celebrant then they will assist you with creating a wonderful ceremony as short or as long as you need. Generally a wedding ceremony with a celebrant will be approximately 20-30 minutes, for more religious weddings these may take a little longer depending on what’s involved. Your celebrant will guide you with all the elements of the ceremony including readings and personal touches that make your ceremony unique.

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Same Sex Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

As we also approach equality in Australia we look forward to the opportunity of allowing our gay friends and families the ability to marry in Australia. For now we love to create a promise or a commitment ceremony for couples, this is a wonderful way of expressing their life and love together just like any marriage.

Our clients are excited about sharing their whole life together, to show commitment one way or another through celebration. The ultimate destinations are Byron Bay and Bali, with the fun, free love kind of atmosphere that is unique to these beautiful places.

If you are from a country that recognises same sex marriage then you can refer to your embassy for further information and we look forward to arranging a wonderful celebration for you.

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